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Workshop with Sr. Jeanne Clark, OP

Sr. Jeanne Clark 09/25/16, photo by Jennifer Sanders

On Sunday, September 25th, Sr. Jeanne Clark visited from Amityville, NY to share with us about her life and work as an environmental and peace activist. She cautioned us about the current economic systems based on consumerism, systems our Earth may not be able to withstand. Sr Jeanne encouraged us to look anew at our earthly home, through the lenses of science and theology, and to better understand our place in it.

Quotes from Sr. Jeanne:

"We're looking for life everywhere [in the universe] and we're destroying life here on Earth."

"When any species goes out of existence, we are eliminating the face of God."

"When you say you're going to throw something away? There is no such thing as 'away.'"

Find more about Sr Jeanne's work at Homecoming Farm's website and like them on Facebook!

Thank you to all who were able to attend!

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