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Mission Statement

As part of the Catholic Worker Movement we at Mary's House live and work within the context of the "Aims and Means" of the Catholic Worker.  We believe that it is each of our responsibility, right now, to build God's reign by caring for each person as we would care for Christ.  We believe in responding to peoples' needs:  sharing our lives and our homes as well as our surplus, and trying to understand and change those parts of our society that create poverty, injustice, and violence.

At Mary's House we will offer personalist hospitality to families in need of emergency shelter.  We will practice a discipline of prayer, and invite our neighbors and friends to join us for regular prayer time.  We will hold round table discussions on issues of faith, culture, and politics.  We will act in a public way to uphold justice and respect for all life.  


In the activity and action of Mary's House we hope to be grounded in prayer, and to have as our first purpose the building up of the community of faith in its ability to live by Christ's teaching.

(November, 1992)

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