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Mary's House Needs

We always have needs around here.  We need your prayers for everyone here and for peace and justice in our world.  

We need money and could also use your physical presence to help with around Mary's House.  

See the lists below and contact us if you can help!
current needs

Updated: July 2022

Monetary Donations

Sending a check to Mary's House helps with increasing grocery and gas prices

For the Children

Tickets to McWane Science Center, Bham Zoo or the like would help entertain our youngest guests

Household Standards

Cleaning supplies, Paper Towels,  Toilet Paper, Toiletries, Dish Detergent, Laundry Detergent


Could you help with rides to appointments?

Soup Kitchen Needs

For both men and women: 

T-shirts, Belts, Travel size toiletries, Shoes,  Socks, and Underwear

Overnight Help

If you are able to help fill in for a night or two at the house to serve our guests, please let us know

* Please note:  We have limited storage space, so we can't take large donations of clothing.  Greater Birmingham Ministries, the Catholic Center of Concern, and La Casita can find homes for gently used clothing.

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