Mary's House Needs

We always have needs around here.  We need your prayers for everyone here and for peace and justice in our world.  We need money and could also use your physical presence to help with around Mary's House.  
See the lists below and contact us if you can help!

Monetary Donations:

Please consider making a monetary donation to Mary's House to help provide for our guests.

Money buys groceries for our community meal, pays the bills, buys bus passes - and so on.  We expect to have the roof replaced this fall, and the insurance will pay most of it because of wind damage, but there will be "non wind damage" costs to meet -  if the wood is rotted, for example around the chimneys.  Green stuff is helpful!  

Baby Supplies

We currently have two babies living at Mary's House!  We are in need of Size 1 diapers & Size 6 diapers as well as wipes.


"Helper" type meals

Boxed macaroni & cheese

Canned tuna & meats

Canned soups

Spaghetti sauce and noodles

100% juice (canned or bottled)

Beans (not pork and beans)

Jellies & jam, peanut butter



Condiments:  ketchup, Ranch & Blue Cheese salad dressings

Herbs and spices

Dessert mixes



Toilet tissue

Paper towels


Vinegar by the gallon

Baking Soda


Ajax dish detergent

HE laundry detergent

Your Presence:

We can always use yard and garden help!  Call us to find out more!

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Updated:  Aug 2018

* Please note:  We have zero storage space, so we can't take donations of clothing.  Greater Birmingham Ministries, the Catholic Center of Concern, and La Casita can find homes for gently used clothing.