Lenten Retreat 2018

with Bishop Gumbleton

Dates:  March 2nd - March 4th, 2018
Cost:  $60 day only, $65 for overnight
Place:  The Rush Center, Midfield, AL

Bishop Gumbleton of Detroit will join us for our Lenten retreat.  Bishop Gumbleton is widely known for his strong voice and presence on issues of peace and justice.  He lives and pastors at St. Leo's Parish in Detroit, and spends a large part of his time travelling to make known the Gospel of peace.  


This will be our second retreat with Bishop Gumbleton, and his presence and experience will help flesh out the commitment to nonviolence.  

More details will be posted at a later date.  

Advance Registration:  
Contact Mary's House
205-780-2020 or email shelleymdouglass@gmail.com
Plentiful scholarships are available!

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