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What Then?

An Advent Retreat with Alan Storey

For people walking the Gospel Way, the question is always: how do we follow Jesus in this current situation?


After the election of 2016 the look and tone of the US presidency may have changed dramatically, but the underlying reality – the American Empire, pursuing national interest above morality or justice, at home and abroad – will not have changed. How do we follow Jesus after this election?

At our retreat we will reflect on that question in the light of Advent with Alan Storey, known in the US especially for leading Manna and Mercy retreats. Alan is an ordained minister in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa. He serves at the Central Methodist Mission in Cape Town. He travels frequently to lead Diversity Encounters and to share his knowledge of Scripture through retreats.


Alan was the last conscientious objector to be tried for refusing to serve in the army of the South African apartheid regime. He took his theological training at Rhodes University, where he was involved in founding Gun Free South Africa, a group which he still chairs.


As always, our retreat will endeavor to discern the signs of the times, and to understand how we can live the Gospel in today’s world.

Dates:  December 2nd-4th, 2016
Times:  Friday 7:00pm - 12:00pm Sunday
Cost:  $60 days only, $65 for overnight
Place:  The Rush Center
             1126 Wiles Rd, Midfield, AL.
Advance Registration:  
Contact Mary's House
205-780-2020 or email
Plentiful scholarships are available!
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