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Prepare the way for a nonviolent revolution!

An Advent Retreat with Fr. Bob Cushing

In the desert of COVID-19, the nonviolent Christ offers a way forward - an ongoing metanoia that acknowledges both personal and systemic complicity in racial and economic disparity, with an equal commitment to truth and reconciliation so that the dignity and equality of every human being sharing this planet can be empowered.  

Is this dream of the Beloved Community only a fairytale?


The challenge of this season of incarnation is to join in the dance that Christ continues to teach us:  contemplative listening and a dialogical response.  Every Life issue - from war, poverty, and race to healthcare and the future of the planet - is facing a KAIROS moment for moral breakthrough.  Do you want to dance?  Jesus, the nonviolent friend of prophets and saints, can show us how.

Usually our retreats are held at the Rush Center outside of Birmingham, but because of COVID-19, this one will meet via Zoom.  It will begin at 7:00pm on Friday, Dec. 4th with two meetings Saturday and one on Sunday morning.  Each session will last for two hours, and there will be group interaction as well as talks from the animator.  


There will also be "homework" - reading in scripture and other sources to think about during the down times.  Because this retreat is on Zoom, you will definitely need to register in advance so that we can send you the link, materials, etc.

We're asking a $20 donation for this retreat, but please come anyway if you can't afford it!  As always, we have plentiful scholarships.  

We do not have any online payment system, so please mail checks to Mary's House.  

Register online - CLICK HERE

Or email if you have any questions

Fr. Bob Cushing, the animator of the retreat, is a retired diocesan priest who lives at New Hermitage in Macon, Georgia, where he studies nonviolence as a contemplative-activist.  He has spent many years working with the campaign against the Trident submarine and in other movements for peace and justice. 

Dates:  December 4th-6th, 2020
Sesson Times: 
Friday:  6:30-8:30 pm CST
Saturday: 9-10:45 am, 2-4 pm, &
     6:30-8 pm CST
Sunday:  9:30-11 am CST with liturgy
Please note: All meeting times listed 
Cost:  $20 donation, if possible
Location:  Online via Zoom
To Register Click Link Below:
After you register online, please mail your $20 donation to Mary's House:
Attn:  Advent Retreat
Mary's House
2107 Avenue G
Birmingham, AL 35218
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